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Expenze - Expense Manager

Разработчик Stefan Faulhaber
1.49 usd

Try the free Expenze Light if you want to test things out before buying this app. You can easily migrate your data later!Expenze Light:
Expenze supports you managing your daily cashflow. Useful statistics help to optimize your expenses and save real cash.
Entering a new expense is a breeze: Choose your category and enter the amount, that's it! You can add a description or change the date right there or do it later. This way Expenze never gets in your way. Repeating expenses are automatically entered by Expenze, so you can spend your time on the important things.
You owe some money to a friend? Just add it to Expenze and never forget debts again. The app calculates automatically how much you owe each friend.
Features- intuitive workflow- modern Material Design- beautiful and meaningful animations- rational strucutre- no ads- only two permissions- ready for Android Marshmallow- customizable- editable categories- fast entry of expenses- automatic entering of repeating expenses- a posteriori editing of expenses- storing of lent and borrowed money- backup and restore your data anywhere
Permissions- read external storage: restore data- write external storage: backup data